Topic: General Ledger

Query to derive the 4 C’s 0

The following query can be used to derive the details of the 4 C’s – that is: that have been setup for a particular Ledger.

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Currency
  • Calendar
  • Accounting Convention

SELECT                       "Legal Entity Name",
       gll.short_name                 "Short Code",
       gll.ledger_category_code       "Primary/Secondary Ledger",
       -- 4 C's details below
       fifs.id_flex_structure_name    "Chart of Accounts Name",
       gll.period_set_name            "Calendar",
       gll.currency_code              "Currency",
       gll.sla_accounting_method_code "Subledger Accounting"
  FROM gl_ledgers gll, fnd_id_flex_structures_tl fifs
 WHERE     gll.chart_of_accounts_id = fifs.id_flex_num
       AND fifs.id_flex_code = 'GL#'
       AND fifs.language = 'US'
       AND = p_legal_entity_name; -- Enter Legal Entity name here