Oracle apps order error interface table

During a Sales Order Creation scenario, when data is inserted into Interface table – sometimes Orders can fail to get created due to issues in the Interface table. The corresponding error information is stored in the oe_processing_msgs_tl table.

The query to find out error messages in the Order Interface table is:

FROM oe_processing_msgs opm, 
     oe_processing_msgs_tl opmt
WHERE opm.transaction_id = opmt.transaction_id
AND opm.original_sys_document_ref = '123456';  
--- where 123456 is the Order Number in the interface table.

--- Interface table information. 

FROM oe_headers_iface_all 
WHERE order_number = '123456';

FROM oe_lines_iface_all 
WHERE orig_sys_document_ref = (SELECT orig_sys_document_ref 
                               FROM oe_headers_iface_all 
                               WHERE order_number = '123456');