Query to retrieve Concurrent Program Details

The following query can be used to retrieve different details related to a Concurrent Program like Name, short name, executable details, parameters and valueset details.

Note: For this query – took the example of the seeded AR program – ‘Autoinvoice Master Program’.

SELECT fcpl.user_concurrent_program_name "Concurrent Program Name",
       fcp.concurrent_program_name       "Short Name",
       fa.application_short_name         "Module",
       fe.executable_name                "Executable",
       fe.execution_file_name            "Executable Short Name",
       DECODE (fcp.execution_method_code,
               'X', 'FlexRpt',
               'F', 'FlexSql',
               'H', 'Host',
               'S', 'Immediate',
               'K', 'Java Concurrent Program',
               'J', 'Java Stored Procedure',
               'M', 'Multi Language Function',
               'P', 'Oracle Reports',
               'I', 'PL/SQL Stored Procedure',
               'E', 'Perl Concurrent Program',
               'B', 'Request Set Stage Function',
               'L', 'SQL*Loader',
               'Q', 'SQL*Plus',
               'R', 'SQL*Report',
               'Z', 'Shutdown Callback',
               'A', 'Spawned')           "Execution Method",
       fcpl.description                  "Program Description",
       fdfcuv.column_seq_num             "Column Seq Number",
       fdfcuv.end_user_column_name       "Parameter Name",
       fdfcuv.form_left_prompt           "Prompt",
       fdfcuv.enabled_flag               " Enabled Flag",
       fdfcuv.required_flag              "Required Flag",
       fdfcuv.display_flag               "Display Flag",
       ffvs.flex_value_set_name          "Value Set Name"
  FROM fnd_executables              fe,
       fnd_concurrent_programs_tl   fcpl,
       fnd_application              fa,
       fnd_concurrent_programs      fcp,
       fnd_descr_flex_col_usage_vl  fdfcuv,
       fnd_flex_value_sets          ffvs,
       fnd_lookup_values            flv
 WHERE     1 = 1
       AND fe.executable_id = fcp.executable_id
       AND fcpl.application_id = fa.application_id
       AND fcpl.concurrent_program_id = fcp.concurrent_program_id
       AND user_concurrent_program_name = 'Autoinvoice Master Program'  -- change Concurrent program name here.. 
       AND fdfcuv.descriptive_flexfield_name =
           '$SRS$.' || fcp.concurrent_program_name
       AND ffvs.flex_value_set_id = fdfcuv.flex_value_set_id
       AND flv.lookup_type(+) = 'FLEX_DEFAULT_TYPE'
       AND flv.lookup_code(+) = fdfcuv.default_type
       AND fcpl.LANGUAGE = 'US'
       AND flv.LANGUAGE(+) = USERENV ('LANG')
       ORDER BY fdfcuv.column_seq_num;